VIMEX Portable GDS – Portable Gas Detection Systems

Compliance with MARPOL Annex VI

Make certain that your portable gas detectors at all times have the quality required, and that they are updated according to rules and regulations.

Vimex can offer:

  • Gas detection systems according to current rules and regulations
  • Rotation system and full logistic control followed up by Vimex
  • Annual calibration and service from our offices in Norway, Singapore, Dubai or Rotterdam
  • World wide supply of calibration gases
  • Competitive pricing

Vimex temperature and pressure calibrators can also be included in the Vimex rotation system.


SOLAS regulation II-2/, as amended by resolution MEPC.291(87), states that:
Tankers shall be equipped with at least one portable instrument for measuring oxygen and one for measuring flammable vapour concentrations, together with a sufficient set of spares. Suitable means shall be provided for the calibration of such instruments.