Torque Tester TS 500

Quick mobile torque measurement

General Details

In the food & beverage industry, the opening torque of bottles and other containers with twist-off closures is an important quality parameter and vital for customer satisfaction.

For many routine tests, where neither precise reproducibility nor special test procedures are necessary, a manually operated torque measuring device is a sensible and favorable solution. The mobile TS 500 is a simple mechanic torque tester for quick checks on closures or closing machinery.


– The container is hold vertically with one hand and manually opened with the other hand.
– Meanwhile, the reactive torque is monitored and its peak value displayed afterwards.
– In case of using as a checking tool for the closing heads the closure chuck is replaced against a real closure and hold into the closing heads for checking of the torque settings.
– Measuring of the closing torque is also possible.

Product Details
Product Details Specification
Industry Beverages, Food Industry, Pharmacy, Packaging Industry
Objects Bottle closures
Specifics Mobile device
System Yes
Automation Level Manual – analog
Measuring Methods Physical Performance Test Method – Removal Torque, Physical Performance Test Method – Strip Torque
  • Low price
  • Suitable as start up tool for torque checks
  • Easy handling
  • Flexible usage in QC, or Service Dept.
Technical Data
  • Measuring range:   0…30 inlbs
  • Accuracy:        +/- 2% FS
  • Weight:           ca. 400 grams / 0.9 lb