Steinfurth Tension Side Load Tester

Standardized safety tests on sport closures

General Details

Tension Side Load Tester for sport closures

The Tension Side Load Tester for Sport Closures (TSLT) is an appliance designed for use on with an automatic tensile testing machine. It consists of a pneumatic clamp assembly, a pre-form clamp and a pneumatic control box.


– The design of the clamp assembly complies with ISBT physical performance testing methods #102 and #103.
It simulates a human jaw with teeth.

– The bite force is controlled by a pressure regulator located in the control box and measured using a standard load cell.

Product Details
Product Details Specification
Industry Beverages, Packaging Industry
Employment Safety Check
Objects Sport closures
Specifics Standardized test rig
System No
Measuring Methods Physical Performance Test Method for Sport Closures – Bite Test, Physical Performance Test Method for Sport Closures – Tension Test with Side Load
  • Standardised ISBT test for Sport Closures
  • Repeatable results at any load machine
  • Simulation of human jaw
  • Easy adaptation to any load machine
  • Safety protected clamping mechanism
  • Pressure controlled operation of the jaw mechanism
Technical Data
  • Bite force (max.): 141 N / 31.7 lbf
  • Specimen diameter: 30 mm / 1.2 in
  • Preform diameter: 15…27 mm / 0.6…1.2 in
  • Load cell capacity: 200 N / 45 lbf
  • Supply pressure: 7.5…10 bar/110..145PSI