Steinfurth CO2 Tester CO2MS-2

Measuring the pressure in beverages

General Details

Both, taste and shelf life of the product are affected by the amount of CO2 dissolved in the product.
A reliable measuring method is the basis for maintaining a uniform carbon dioxide content in beer, carbonated water and soft drinks. The demand for an accurate and user independent CO2-measurement device led to the development of the automatic Steinfurth CO2 tester CO2MS.
The Steinfurth System offers very quick return of investment combining automatic functioning with integrated sample preparation and easy operation. The instrument can be operated in laboratory or outsourced to the filling line (with the possibility for optional extension to the modular Steinfurth CPA – Compact Package Analyzer).
The CO2MS is the perfect tool for high efficient QC in modern bottling facilities.

Based on the laws of Henry and Dalton, the concentration of CO2 dissolved in a liquid can be determined in a closed package by measuring the pressure and temperature when a state of equilibrium between the gas and the liquid phase exits.
The CO2MS accurately computes the CO2 by using these measurements in conjunction with the particular product CO2-formula.
A state of equilibrium is achieved in our process by evenly rotating the bottle in a vertical orientation for a short period of time prior to performing the measurement. The overhead tumbling of the beverage packages provides an optimal equilibrium phase for accurate calculations of the CO2 content.
The Steinfurth CO2MS device combines the perfect sample preparation with accurate measurement.

The CO2MS-2 fitted with a high precision digital manometer, displays the equilibrium pressure at the end of the shaking process. The temperature needs to be measured with a thermometer and the carbon dioxide content read off a CO2-chart, or calculated manually.

Product Details
Product Details Specification
Industry Beverages, Packaging Industry
Employment Measuring
Measurement Categories Pressure
Objects Packed beverages (cans & bottles)
System Yes
Automation Level Semi-automatic Machine
Measuring Methods Physical Performance Test Method – Pressure Retention: Zahm Nagel