Steinfurth AFTI – Load Cell Set

Load monitoring for Sport Closure Testers

General Details
Accurate monitoring of the load force is an important procedure in many areas of packaging testing.
The AFTI load cell set is perfectly designed to be used in combination with the Steinfurth Sport Closure Test Devices (Rotational Tester and Tension Side Load Tester).
The AFTI set is including all essential accessory required for easy load force monitoring.
It comprises of the programmable handheld device, 200 N load cell, power supply and the protection case.
All readings are shown on a large LCD display and can be also downloaded to the PC.

The required settings for the force readings and units have to be chosen and the load cell connected with the handheld device. The AFTI load cell has to be screwed following the user manual to the Sport Closure test apparatus.
The handheld device has to be placed by-side of the load machine to be well visible during the test procedure.

Product Details
Product Details Specification
Industry Beverages, Packaging Industry
Employment Measuring & Calibration
Measurement Categories Compression Force, Tension
Objects Pressure & tension
System Yes
Measuring Methods Physical Performance Test Method for Sport Closures – Bite Test, Physical Performance Test Method for Sport Closures – Rotational Test, Physical Performance Test Method for Sport Closures – Tension Test with Side Load
  • Easy operation
  • High accuracy
  • Flexible adaptation to many test applications
  • Flexible programming
  • Robust construction
  • Compact size
Technical Data
  • Load cell range: 200 N
  • Accuracy: 0.1% FS
  • Data output: RS 232
  • Operating Temperature: 10 – 35 deg C
  • Power supply: 9V / 100 mA
  • Electrical power: 230/115V (50/60 Hz)
  • Humidity protection: IP 54