ShipCEMS – maritime emission monitoring

General Details

Exhaust gas emissions from the maritime industry being subject to international and national law and regulations, it is fundamental for ship owners to establish compliance with new environmental standards. Being the de facto convention, IMO Marpol Annex VI sets limits for airborne pollution for gas substances contributing to local and global environmental problems.

Our ShipCEMS is designed to monitor your marine exhaust flue, ensuring that compliance with MARPOL Annex VI can be confirmed in ports, in international waters and emission control areas (ECA/SECA). Inspired by environmental concerns, ShipCEMS is designed to measure, analyse and report traces of SO2and CO2 in wet marine exhaust flue. Monitoring of NOX, O2 or other gases are available as options.

As the flue gases are dirty, with a high content of soot, trace components can easily be lost before arriving at the analyser instrument. Our design solution is based on a heated sample treatment throughout, without needing to introduce chemicals. This assures that the true composition of the exhaust flue is measured

ShipCEMS is designed for unmonitored, continuous operation. The user interface is simple and intuitive, with a limited number of operations necessary to use the system. The analysing technology is based on the use of non-dispersive infrared detectors (NDIR). This is a simple and robust measuring technology, being the industry standard when used in demanding applications.


ShipCEMS can monitor up to four processes simultaneously. One sample probe and one sample conditioning cabinet must be installed for each exhaust stack or combustion process to be monitored. Only one analyser cabinet is required, taking care of the necessary sample stream switching.


Exhaust monitoring

Inspired by environmental concerns, ShipCEMS is designed to monitor and report traces of SO2, CO2 and other gas substances that are contributing to local and global emission challenges.

Our ShipCEMS is the right choice for ship owners to help them ensure that the forthcoming IMO regulations for emission control areas can be met.


Product in brief

The ShipCEMS design is based on a careful selection of maritime standard components. Our solution uses a heated sample treatment throughout to assure measuring the true composition of the exhaust flue.

A typical installation comprises flange mounted sample probes and stainless steel cabinets for the sample conditioning and analyser systems.



ShipCEMS can be customised to individual requirements, covering all types of exhaust cleaning systems and all ship fuels from heavy fuel oil to low sulphur fuel oil or LNG-fuelled ships.

ShipCEMS can be installed on all vessels, such as cruise ships, ferries, tankers, gas carriers, bulk carriers and offshore supply vessels.


  • Continuous monitoring of SO2and CO2
  • NOX and Oxygen monitoring as options
  • Extractive measuring technology for demanding applications
  • Rugged design for marine environment and operations
  • Continuous operation with automatic analyser calibration
  • Low-cost maintenance, long service lifetime