Sample Gas Filter AGF – VA 23

Bühler Technologies

General Details

Sample gas streams must be conditioned to provide particulate and moisture-free gas to the analyzer.

The AGF-VA-23 with the Bühler Unique QC mounting block provides fine filtration and easy replacement of the filter media without the use of tools. This means the filter media can be changed in a matter of seconds.

The QC block rotates 180° making the mounting of the filter independent from the flow direction chosen. This versatile mounting feature makes installation problem-free.

The filter head has an auxiliary port that can be used either as a bypass or for optional moisture detector installation.

A choice of filter media is available to meet any specific application need. The filter and housing provide a small dead volume resulting in minimal loss of response time.

  • Bühler Unique-QC bracket
  • Material of filterhousing: SS
  • Suitable for use in high pressure applications, inflammable gases and trace measurements