Sample Gas Cooler PKE 5

General Details

Accurate measurement of gases requires gas samples with stable dew points even under harsh ambient conditions. The PKE 5 is designed for moderate ambient and gas temperatures (2.5 lpm at @ 158 °F) and an inlet dew point of about 104 °F (approx. 5% vol). For higher ambient temperatures up to a maximum of 122 °F order the PKE 52x. The dew point of 41 °F is regulated by an electronic controller.

The temperature (in °F or °C) of the cooling block is shown on an LED-display. The status is indicated by a flashing display which shows high or low temperature and operates together with a relay in fail-safe mode. Condensate is removed by peristaltic pumps, automatic condensate drains or condensate vessels.

The PKE Models feature a semiconductor Peltier cooling system with an aluminum cooling block. Fitted into the block is a removable high-efficiency heat exchanger made of stainless steel, DURAN-glass or PVDF

  • Peltier cooler
  • Cooling capacity 90 kJ/h
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Adjustable outlet dew point and alarm limits
  • 1 or 2 gas streams
  • Ambient temperature up to 50°C