Sample Gas Cooler EGK 4S

General Details

Accurate measurements of gases require gas samples with stable dew points even under harsh ambient conditions.

The heart of any cooling system is the cooling block. Bühler gas coolers feature cooling blocks made of aluminum which accommodate highly efficient heat exchangers available in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, glass or PVDF. The temperature of the cooling block is regulated by the Bühler Constant Regulating System featuring a straight and constant temperature value. Maintenance-free models accommodating up to four gas streams are available.

The coolers status can be monitored by a display of the cooling block temperature and a LED which blinks until the cooler reaches the valid temperature range.

The cooler can be supplied with feet adjustable from about 0.6´´ to 2.6´´ and either mounting brackets or handles.

  • Compressor cooler
  • Cooling capacity 800 kJ/h
  • Up to 4 separate gas streams
  • Heat exchanger made out of SS, glass or PVDF
  • Ambient temperature max 50 °C