Sample Gas Coalescing Filter K – AGF – VA – 23

Bühler Technologies

General Details

The removal of aerosols from sample gas streams is a requirement in many applications. To meet this need, the Bühler Model K-AGF-VA-23 filter makes use of a coalescing element made of borosilicate fibers. The gas stream passes through the element from inside to outside. The aerosols are caught in the matrix forming steadily growing droplets which eventually drop into the bowl as a liquid. The liquid collected in the bowl is drained off by either by a condensate drain or peristaltic pump.

The lifetime of the element depends on the concentration of particulate matter in the gas stream. With upstream particulate filtration, the coalescing filter life is almost unlimited.

  • Bühler Unique-QC bracket
  • Removal of aerosols from the sample gas
  • Material of filterhousing: stainless steel
  • Condensate outlet port for connection of peristaltic pumps or condensate drains