Lab or Rackmount Multi-channel benchtop analyzer for the lab.

General Details

The RPM Series are multi-channel CCD-based Raman analyzers designed for real-time process monitoring and process development applications. They provide rapid, accurate and stable monitoring of physical properties and chemical composition of liquids, emulsions, slurries and solids. The RPM MD™ can be configured as a process rackmount or bench top analyzer for general purpose use in the control room or in the lab. Remote, simultaneous analysis of 1-4 sampling points at a distance of up to 200 meters using fiber optic sampling.

  • NeXCAL™ continuous automatic frequency scale correction provides permanent calibration
  • Operates on the same powerful SpectraRTS™ process software found in the Analect series of on-line and process development FTIR and FT-NIR analyzers For laboratory use, GRAMS/AI7™ software is offered
  • Comprehensive chemometric software including SpectraQuant™,™ Matlab,® Pirouette® and Unscrambler is available
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance available
  • Raman’s high information content and sampling technology result in a wide variety of applications.  Download Brochure at the top of discuss with AIT applications specialist)