Q45/84 Hydrogen Peroxide Transmitter

Dissolved Fluoride Monitor for drinking water and other clean water applications. This monitor conditions the sample for stable measurement and provides automatic calibration using two fluoride standards.

General Details
ATI’s Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Transmitter is an extremely strong oxidizer which is widely used in bleaching applications in the paper industry and is sometimes added to water systems for the purpose of disinfection. In addition, it is used in wastewater collection systems to remove Hydrogen Sulfide that destroys concrete pipe and manhole structures. Peroxide applications in aqueous systems, like most chemical treatment processes, function most efficiently with accurate measurement and control.
In order to facilitate the control of aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide feed systems, ATI has developed an on-line monitor cable of providing real-time measurement of low levels of dissolved H2O2in solution. The Dissolved Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor uses a direct sensing polarographic probe mounted in a flowcell to measure H2O2 in a flowing water stream. A Peroxide permeable diffusion membrane isolates the sensing electrodes from the measured sample, providing long-term stability without electrode fouling problems. The measurement is selective for Peroxide and does not respond to most other chemicals in solution.