Pressure-reducing valve VD 30

General Details

The fine regulating valve VD 30 is a universally usable valve, specially designed for usage in pressure areas of up to 64 bar. It is, however, due to the strength of the valve body usable for pressures of up to 400 bar.

The thread of the spindle is located in the top part of the valve yoke, so that, in case of leakage of the medium out of the gland, it will not lead to corrosion.

The seat is 3 mm wide, so that it can serve as a fine regulating valve, a shut-off valve, or for pressure reduction.


• forged valve body
• designed as: Fine-regulating valve Pressure-reducing valve Shut-off valve
• designed for 268 bar at 400°C
• kv -value = 0,24 m3/h (m3/h at ∆p = 1 bar)