PQ45 Portable Monitoring & Data Logger

General Details
ATI has developed an instrument to fill this need. Our Series PQ45 is a portable water quality monitoring system that can be set up quickly and easily in almost any location to provide short term data on residual chlorine, and can also include pH measurement in the same package. Mounted in a sealed and lockable case, this water quality monitor will operate for up to 30 days from two C-cell alkaline batteries, recording chlorine and pH data in an on-board data logger. Software supplied with the system provides for easy download to a laptop computer for later analysis.


While distribution system monitoring for chlorine and pH are the most widely used version of this package, PQ45 systems are also available for DISSOLVED OZONE, RESIDUAL CHLORINE DIOXIDE, DISSOLVED OXYGEN, OR CONDUCTIVITY. The same rugged and reliable package will allow easy deployment in whatever monitoring environment is required by your application. All that’s necessary is a sample line and a drain. Connections are made through self-sealing fittings that isolate the flow as soon as they are disconnected.  In addition, all flow and pressure controls are build into the monitor so external requirements are minimal.


PQ45 Monitoring Systems can also be used for remote solar powered installations. Instead of using internal batteries, the system can operate from external power supplies from 5-17 VDC. With a current draw of less than 10 mA, even a small solar power system can operate the system with power left over for data transmission equipment. For almost any remote monitoring application, the PQ45 system provides a convenient and reliable solution.