Portable Oxygen Analyzer 311

General Details

The Model 3110 represents the new generation of portable trace and percent oxygen analysis capability. The 3110 combines a rugged, portable analyzer design with the high reliability of Teledyne trace and percent level sensors. This ensures highly accurate ppm/percent oxygen readings in a variety of background gases — including hydrocarbons. The batteries supply at least 100 hours of continuous power to the analyzer, with a low-battery indicator LED. The analyzer includes quick-disconnect fittings to take measurements without hassle and can be equipped with an external sample system. The microprocessor-based electronics provide accurate, high resolution readings and easy-to-use features.

  • 100 or 220 VAC operation
  • Stainless steel quick disconnect gas fittings (female); mating set (3) of stainless-steel male fittings (vent, sample, calibration)
  • Heavy plastic carrying case with foam interior (optional)
  • Special ranges
  • Stainless steel cell block
  • Insta Trace O2 sensor for Trace 311 series

The 311TC offers four switch selectable ranges as low as 0-10 ppm plus a cal range allowing for calibration in ambient air. Power is supplied by rechargeable NiCad batteries.

The 311XL and 311TCXL (BASEEFA certified) provide analysis in decade steps ranging from 0-2 to 0-10,000 ppm full scale. CENELEC approved versions of the 311 are available.

  • Four linear ranges plus cal range
  • High accuracy and sensitivity; fast response
  • Unaffected by hydrocarbons and other oxidizable gases
  • Ideal for measuring oxygen in hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium, acetylene, ethylene, butadiene, and many other gases
  • Long-life, maintenance-free, Micro-fuel Cell oxygen sensor
  • No support gases required
  • Rugged, lightweight, and reliable
Technical data

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