Paramagnetic Percent Oxygen Analyzer 3020M

Totally Explosion Proof Configuration of a Paramagnetic Percent Oxygen Analyzer

General Details

The Model 3020M offers the same superior performance as the rest of the series in an explosion proof configuration.

Standard features include a fully explosion proof, NEMA 4/7 rated enclosure (Class I, Division 1, Group B), three user-selectable ranges plus cal range, two fully adjustable concentration alarm set points, a full duplex RS-232C communication link, stainless steel sample passages and fittings, and a universal power supply.


• Linearity of analysis across three user-selectable ranges
• Autoranging to follow process upsets
• Auto-calibration electronics standard
• No purge gas requirements


• Proven, robust paramagnetic sensor
• Explosion proof NEMA 4/7 rated enclosure (Class I, Div 1, Group B)
• Three user-selectable ranges plus cal range
• Signal and Range ID output: isolated 4-20 mADC
• Programmable autoranging
• Two fully adjustable concentration alarm set points with programmable relay functions, Form C contacts, 3A resistive
• Calibration contact span/zero, Form A normally open contact, 3A resistive
• Self diagnostics with Form C failure alarm contacts
• Full duplex RS-232C communication link
• Five digit oxygen concentration LED display
• 2×20 alphanumeric vacuum fluorescent display for set up and diagnostics
• Stainless steel sample passages and fittings
• Universal power supply: 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
• Remote calibration digital inputs

Technical data

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