MultiXplo DG-TX7 Catalytic point Gas detector


General Details


The MultiXplo DG-TX7 intelligent catalytic sensor based flammable gas detector used to detect a wide range of gases, including hydrogen (H2) . The device has been designed for ease of installation, operation and maintenance in testing environments.

The MultiXplo DG-TX7 employs a pair of Simtronics OXYCOL catalytic sensors in a compensated circuitry in order to provide reliable flammable gas detection in harsh environments, as long as oxygen is present. The intelligent microprocessor driven unit is fully configurable using a wireless handheld terminal (TLU) or optionally via HART giving true flexibility to the installer.

Parameters such as relay operation and alarm levels are all set via the TLU; a hazardous area approved hand-held unit. In addition, the sensor element is protected by the onboard electronics to prevent exposure to over-range LEL gas concentrations. This helps reduce on-going maintenance and service costs.

Users can select between 4-20 and 0-22mA depending on system requirements. The unit may be interfaced directly with a wide range of panels, controllers and PLC’s etc.

Device status, including measured gas level is indicated on a colour coded 4 digit LED display.

  • Detects virtually all flammable gases
  • Computer compensated proprietary catalytic elements
  • Over-range LEL sensor protection
  • Integrated daylight readable backlit LED alphanumeric display
  • 4-20 mA and relays standard output
  • 4-20 mA Hart option
  • Hot swap field cabling
  • Wireless, non-intrusive testing by a single technician using TLU

• Refineries
• Offshore/offshore driling and production platforms
• Processing and storage plants
• Chemical and petrochemical plants
• Laboratories
• Hydrogen detection