Genie 702 Permanent Membrane Probe

General Details

The PIP™ Model 702 is a simple, safe and economical solution to extracting a representative vapor phase sample from a source. Compared to the PIP™ Model 701, the Model 702 is designed for sampling at a specific depth in a pressurized pipeline so each length is customized to fit your application.

The “PT” option allows for sampling while simultaneously providing pressure and temperature information at the extraction point. The 702 installs using a 3/4″ or larger full opening ball valve in a vertical orientation. Our Pressure Balance™ technique effortlessly lowers the 702 probe into a pipeline without the force and bulky equipment associated with pneumatic or hydraulic methods.

Once installed, the installation housing can be replaced with a shorter housing to accommodate partial retraction of the probe during pigging operations. The PT version includes a custom length, industrial, hinged top RTD and adapter which allows the RTD to be inserted through a built in thermowell once the probe is installed in the pipeline.

  • Full compliance with API 14.1 and GPA 2166 standards
  • Installation and maintenance can be performed without depressurizing pipeline
  • Helps preserve sample integrity
  • Improves safety of personnel
  • Protects analyzers
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Genie® Membrane Technology™
  • Analytically Correct™ design
  • ressure Balance™ installation
  • Vibration resistant
  • Designed for quick purging
  • Low internal volume
  • No dead volume
  • Membrane shroud provides protection from elements inside the pipeline
  • Partial retraction housing to accommodate pigging operations
  • All stainless steel construction