Gas Converter BÜNOx

General Details

Due to rising global industrialization, the monitoring of exhaust gas is increasingly important. The monitoring of nitrogen oxides (NOx) is particularly important due to its role in the formation of ground-level ozone and acid rain. The BÜNOx gas converter allows easy and cost effective detection of NOx components in the flue gas (NO and NO ).

BÜNOx converts almost 100% of the NO content of a sample gas to NO by means of a replaceable reactor cartridge. The resulting NO gas is measurable by any commercially available IR-analyzer.

The BÜNOx reactor cartridge, designed in cooperation with a Research Institute, enables the conversion of high NO concentrations at a comparatively low temperature. Interferences from other components present in the flue gases such as CO, CO , NO, and SO , are generally not observed. Moreover, a lifetime of over 12 months is possible under normal conditions. This leads to reduced maintenance costs. The maintenance effort is further minimized through the special reactor fastener on the front panel allowing rapid replacement of the cartridge without tools.

The temperature of the converter is adjustable at the front panel through an easy-to-handle micro-controller. Of course status output signals required for process control are accessible to the user.

  • Gas converter NO2 -> NO
  • High conversion rate at low temperature
  • Long lifetime
  • No cross-sensitivity on CO and H2O
  • Microcontroller