Real-time dynamic monitoring of reaction chemistries with easy placement inside a fume hood.

General Details

The Analect ChemEye  FTIR system is specifically designed for real-time dynamic monitoring of reaction chemistries.

  • Wide spectral range provided for Mid-IR or NIR regions
  • Interchangeable sampling options
    • Choice of Diamond, ZnSe, and Silicon Probes
    • Flow-through ATR and transmission accessories
    • High throughput light pipes and fiber-optic configurations
  • Compact size of unit enables easy placement inside fume hood
  • Installs in all automated reactors and reaction calorimeters Wide pH range tolerance–strong acid to strong bases
  • Grams/AI™ software provides fast and flexible data management and processing
    with an extensive library of applications
  • Full chemometric modeling capability including SpectraQuant,™ Eigenvector PLS Toolbox®, Eigenvector Solo®, Camo Unscrambler, Matlab®, Infometrix Pirouette® and Grams PLSiQ
  • The ChemEye’s versatility is demonstrated by its wide range of applications
  • Download the brochure above or contact AIT for additional information on applications and specifications