Ametek IPS-4 Integrated Photometric Spectrometer

General Details

IPS-4 Integrated Photometric Spectrometer

IPS-4 Integrated Process Spectrophotometer (available in UV-VIS, NDIR and IR/UV Platforms) 

The Need 
Today’s chemical producers and consumers are under tremendous pressure to cut costs, lower maintenance expenses, and improve product quality. In order to meet these demanding objectives, process engineers and operators need analytically capable and reliable process analyzers which require minimal maintenance and operator intervention. The analyzers also need to be easy to use and capable of communicating in a wide variety of ways. It is also a benefit if the analyzer is durable enough to be installed in outdoor, wash-down, hazardous, and other environmentally harsh locations.

The Solution 
AMETEK’s Western ResearchTM IPS-4 is a huge step forward in capability and reliability for process spectrophotometers. The IPS-4 is capable of measuring up to eight wavelengths in a gas or liquid phase sample. Sample handling and conditioning systems are available as an option that is integrated into the IPS-4’s sample cell enclosure. 

The optical bench of the IPS-4 contains no moving parts. It uses a xenon lamp with an expected life exceeding two years. The result of this thoughtful engineering is a highly reliable analyzer that has a very low cost of ownership. 

The IPS-4 NDIR analyzer, built on our field proven IPS-4 UV-VIS platform, offers reliability, enhanced analog and digital connectivity all in a nicely packaged field installable unit. The integrated sample conditioning makes the analyzer installation simple and easy to maintain. 

The IPS-4 IR/UV Full Spectrum Analyzer utilizes both NDIR and UV optical benches to enable unparalleled high quality process gas analysis.  The combination bench unit offers a very robust process analytical solution utilizing long lifetime optical components.

Engineered for outdoor installation, the IPS-4 can be mounted near the process being monitored thereby minimizing sample transport delays and the need for costly instrument shelters. 

The IPS-4 is equipped with a variety of output and interface communication options. Besides the local, multi-line display and stainless steel keypad, communication options include analog outputs, relay contacts, RS232, RS485 supporting MODBUS RTU protocol, and a Fast Ethernet (IEEE802.3) port. IPS-4 has an embedded web browser for superior intranet/internet connectivity. 

The IPS-4 may be the solution you need to improve the quality and efficiency of your process. Contact your AMETEK Process Instruments salesperson to discuss your specific application today.

Features & Benefits 

  • Measures up to 8 wavelengths
  • Low cost of ownership
  • No annual, routine maintenance
  • No moving parts
  • IP65 (NEMA 4X optional)
  • Integrated, customizable sample system
  • Ethernet and MODBUS communications



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