Ametek CEM/O2

General Details

Component Wet/O2 Analyzers for CEM Systems Integration

The Need

Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems using hot-wet extractive systems take the flue gas sample from the exit of wet-scrubbers. A hot-wet oxygen measurement is taken from the incoming feed line to the CEM system analysis cabinet. The oxygen analyzer used for this measurement must be equipped to keep the sample gas above the dew point and compact to fit within the restricted space of the analysis cabinet.

The Solution

The CEM/O2 sensor was designed to meet the replacement and integration needs of hot-wet extractive CEM systems integrators. The sample inlet feeds a straight-run sample line with center mounted chimney-effect convection stack for continuous sampling. Compact sensor housing fits easily into CEM cabinet.

There are two control options available for the CEM/O2 analyzer.

IQ Series Transmitter provides sensor head mounted full function electronics with analog outputs, alarms, expanded system diagnostics, auto calibration feature, RS485 and optional Hart communication.
2000 Series Microprocessor Control provides 4 line local display, analog outputs, alarms, expanded system diagnostics, auto calibration option and RS485 communication, and optional Humox O2 wet/dry calculation software for correlated flue gas moisture measurement.


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