Ametek 3050 Moisture Analyzer Series

General Details

Model 3050 Moisture Analyzer Series


The Model 3050 Moisture Analyzer series measures trace levels of moisture in a gas through the use of a quartz-crystal oscillator sample cell. AMETEK is the leader in quartz-crystal technology, which for thirty years has offered significant advantages over other measurement techniques:

• It is the most accurate trace moisture measurement technology available.

• It responds far faster to both increasing and decreasing moisture levels.

• It is specific to moisture in most applications.

• It provides a much more rugged sensor.

Because of these advantages, the quartz-crystal oscillator has become the industry standard for applications ranging from ultrahigh purity semiconductor gases to natural gas streams containing 30% H2S.  Now, the Model 3050 analyzers bring the benefits of quartz-crystal technology to a broad spectrum of moisture applications.


Model 3050 OLV Specifications
See individual Specification Sheets on the Documentation tab for other Model 3050 versions.

Technology: Quartz-crystal microbalance
Range: Calibrated from 0.1 to 2500 ppmv.  Readout capability in ppmw, lb/mmscf, mg/Nm3 and dew point in ºC or ºF (requires process pressure as an input)
Reference Gas: Continuously produced using actual sample gas
Online Verification: Internal moisture source with NIST-traceable calibration enables on-demand verification of analyzer accuracy and responsiveness without uninstalling the analyzer
Accuracy: ±10% of reading from 1 to 2500 ppmv with standard calibration; special calibration ranges not required
Reproducibility: ±5.0% of reading from 1 to 2500 ppmv
Limits of Detection: 0.1 ppmv
A/D Resolution: 16-bit (0.0015%)
QCM Response Time: Near real time. Computer-enhanced response, which may lead to errors is not required to obtain quick wet-up or dry-down response
Sensitivity: 0.1 ppmv or 1% of reading, whichever is greater
Allowable Inlet Pressure: 1.3 to 3.3 Bar (20 to 50 psi) gauge; up to 200 Bar (3000 psi) with optional pressure reducer; analyzer performance is independent of process pressure
Exhaust Pressure: 0 to 1 Bar (0 to 15 psi) gauge
Sample Gas Temperature: 0 to 100ºC (32º to 212ºF); analyzer performance is immune to changes in sample gas
Gas Flow Requirements: Approx.150 sccm. Approx. 1.0 slpm bypass flow for increased speed of response
Outputs: Isolated 4-to-20 mA analog signal, 12 bit (0.025%) resolution, RS232 and RS484 serial communication ports (supports Modbus RTU)
Alarms: Three contact closures; system, data valid, and concentration alarms
Ambient Temperature Limits: Analyzer: 5º to 50ºC (41º to 122ºF)
Enclosed Analyzer with sample system: -20º to 45ºC (-4º to 113ºF)
Voltage Power Requirements: Analyzer: 24 VDC, 50W
Analyzer with sample system: 
120 ± 10% VAC, 50/60 Hz, 150W maximum
230 ± 10% VAC, 50/60 Hz, 150W maximum

Model 3050 OLV Certifications
See the approvals and certifications for other Model 3050 versions by visiting the Documentation tab.  See the individual Specification Sheets.

  • UL/CSA General Safety Requirements (general purpose)
  • UL/CSA Class I, Division 2 NEMA 4X, Groups A, B, C, D, T4
  • UL/CSA Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, D, T; IP65
  • ATEX II 2 G EEx d IIC T6 or EEx de IIC T; IP65
  • Russian GOST 1ExdIICT6X
  • Russian GOST Pattern Approval
  • Complies with all relevant European directives