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Van London

flowthroughdo Flow-Through Dissolved Oxygen Assembly
This Dissolved Oxygen system is designed for O2measurements in a continuous flow-through environment. The cell and O2 electrode are designed to be steam sterilized in the autoclave with the electrode installed. The O2 electrode system is compatible with most common O2amplifiers.
GlassBody-DO-preview Glass Body Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes
The glass body Dissolved Oxygen electrodes are available for laboratory fermentation, where sterilization takes place in a separate autoclave. The disposable Van London Co. (aka Van London pHoenix Co.) Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes are compatible with most common oxygen amplifiers.
SZ283Preview SZ 283 Potentiostatic electrode
This sensor is designed for the measurement of Free Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide and Dissolved Ozone in water.Note: This specific model of potentiostatic chlorine sensor is currently not available to OEM customers, and is only available when ordered as a complete package with the B&C CL 7685 Potentiostatic Cl2 Controller and SZ 7231 – SZ 7233 Flow Cells.