2120 – Nitrogen in Argon Analyzer

General Details

The detection of nitrogen is critical to determining system integrity in argon gas supply systems. TAI’s Model 2120 provides fast and accurate analysis of nitrogen (indicative of air contamination) with field proven emission spectroscopic technology.



  • Guaranteed 10 ppb sensitivity
  • Measuring system based on spectral emission of argon plasma
  • Exceptional detector performance by utilizing patented electrooptical modulation
  • On-line continuous trending
  • Precision flow control
  • Fast response; fast recovery
  • 4-20 mA output
  • Dry contacts for over range indication and range selection indication
  • No valves, columns, or carrier gas
  • No radioactive source
  • No sensor or detector to replace
  • Maintenance free
  • Available in two CE approved configurations
    0-2 / 0-20 ppm
    0-20 / 0-200 ppm





  • Argon production – Monitor product purity prior to and during tank fill or switchover
  • Quality Control for truck fills and gas cylinders – QA / QC to detemine product purity
  • Gas management / Monitoring systems – Detect purifier breakthrough or trace nitrogen impurities throughout the process
  • New line certification – An exceptional response time makes the 2120 an ideal choice for new line certification or line certification after weldment
  • Specialty steel manufacturing – Monitor for impurities in production of specialty steels where nitrogen content is critical to the process
  • Semiconductor manufacturing – Purifier break-through detection, assuring UHP argon supply


Measurement ranges

0-2 / 0-20 ppm model — 0-2 ppm N2 in Ar, 0-20 ppm N2 in Ar
0-20 / 0-200 ppm model — 0-20 ppm N2 in Ar, 0-200 ppm N2 in Ar